Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Gencon this year for sure!

It is my goal this year to actually go to Gencon. I was all registered to go last year and everything, but life threw me a curve-ball last summer, and things fell apart.

But this year for sure!  My registration is complete, and my events are submitted. Here's what I'm gonna be running...

Leopard Women of Venus
You are one of the mighty Leopard Women of Venus, sworn to protect human civilization! Dare you brave the strange jungles and hideous mutants to fight Spider Priests and the insidious Fifth Column? The fate of Venus rests in your hands! It's Golden-Age goodness in the style of Fletcher Hanks with QAGS!

Sindbad and Watwat King of Bats!
The tiny island kingdom of Zambukistan is known for three things—fabulous riches, beautiful princesses, and giant bats! When Princess Lakshmi is abducted by winged things in the middle of the night, it's up to Sindbad and his daring crew to save the day.

Hobomancer: Bad Train a' Comin'
The railroads run along America's great ley lines, and only the Hobomancers can keep them clean of evil and preserve the nation's soul. Word on the rails is that there's something uncanny killing folks in Stubenville. Time to hop a train and put a stop to it.

Sword & Sorcery: Curse of the Alchemist
The savage land of Vekros is home to bold men, brazen women, scheming sorcerers, and hideous beasts. Only by blood and by steel shall you live! Some say the tablets of the legendary artificer Kaarn hold the secrets to everlasting life. Are you brave enough to face the curse of the Alchemist?


  1. That's awesome! I'm still thinking about going too, but I'm not sure about whether I'll have the dollars to make the trip. You going to Diecon?

  2. I'm not sure about Diecon. I'd like to but it comes down to money. Gencon is the one con I am absolutely dedicated to attending this year. Anything else is gong to be a bonus.

    Archon, at least, is second on that list though, with Diecon a lose third.

  3. I'm already registered and rarin' to go. Hope I see you there!

  4. If I had to choose, that'd be my order too.