Sunday, December 5, 2010

Old stuff and what's goin' on...

Between working on various Hex Games stuff, getting the new podcast of the ground, and failing to avoid the lure of sweet mistress Warcraft, I haven't gotten a lot of new stuff done.  Add to the mix various independent RPG projects, and I fear I might be spreading myself thin (the only way I've ever been thin). Let's not talk about the holidays, okay?

So what's going on right now? Well...

Monkeys Took My Jetpack Episode 2 is out!
Hex Games has a huge holiday sale going on!

Just to round things out, let's post some old artwork!

A young Ven noble goes Orc Hunting! This piece was inspired by John Wick's wonderful Houses of the Blooded RPG. You should really check it out!

Lyrra Bluecloud, pilgrim priestess of Chalice

A couple of dungeoneers dungeoneering. I never gave them names.

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