Thursday, November 4, 2010

New Podcast in the works

Our group is branching off The Gutter Skypes with a new actual play podcast caled "Monkeys Took My Jetpack!"  We recorded our first session this Monday. It was a Pulp-Fu Wushu game that included several special guests.

We're still getting the website and the forums set up. Hopefully we'll get the first episode posted soon. Blindgeek's been working on audio logos, and I recorded a bumper tonight. It's all coming together smoothly. I'll post more as it all falls together.


  1. Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys, monkeys!

  2. So MTMJ is going to have its own RSS feed as well? Of so, will you guys at least be putting the first episode in the Gutterskypes feed, as well?

  3. MTMJ will indeed have its won RSS feed. Once we get a couple issues under our belt, we plan on submitting to RPGpodcasts, too.

    Whether or not the first episode will be on the Gutterskypes feed will be Anim's call. I don't think any of us had though of that, but I'll be sure to bring it up. I'm sure he'll announce it at the least.

  4. Good. I don't want to miss out on listening to the first episode ASAP because I didn't have the new feed in my podcatcher until after it came out. :)