Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween on the Gutter Skypes!

New Halloween-Themed episodes of the Gutter Skypes are up!  Listen to Halloween hijinks with "Toon" and witness All-Hallows evil with "M-Force"

TOON (epsiode 73)
M-Force (epsiode 74)

Thanks to Anim5 for linking Stegosaurus Studios in the show notes!


  1. I really enjoyed these. Thanks!

  2. Hey Josh, great M-Force episode! I'm glad I had the opportunity to hear both you and Steve Johnson run QAGS and M-Force via podcast. I hope to game with you both in person someday. I have already had the pleasure of gaming with Ian at DEXCON last year and it was great! I'm hoping to run M-Force at an upcoming convention in NY and these experiences have been helpful in my prepping. Thanks for sharing and best regards to the entire HEX Games crew!

  3. Absolutely, and thanks for the feedback!
    I'm hoping that I might be able to get to Dexcon this year. I have a friend in Jersey, so hopefully that will make things easier. All depends on how the winds of fortune blow.