Monday, January 25, 2010

PDQ Star Wars

The players of my home-group have been pestering me to run Star Wars. Sadly, none of the three different published RPG system for Star Wars thrill me. I don't like the chargen system of WEG's old D6 version, nor do I particularity care for the Force rules. I don't like the level system for either of the D20-based systems. I also don't want to have my players slug through a list of 100 talents and/or feats. Saga is too minis-based too.

Chad Underkoffler's PDQ system, however (Truth & Justice, Zorceror of Zo, Swashucklers of the 7 Skies) seems like it'd work really well. S&S has shown me that it works really well for magical swashbucklers. The system has just about the level of crunch I want nowadays. The vehicle rules are stupid easy, too— something really hard to find in any Star Wars game.

So I'm banging out some rules for my players now. It's easier than I expected. By way of example, here's a few character write-ups, three guys from the movies, and a probable character from my theoretical game. I'll actually explain some of these rules changes in a later post.

Obi-Wan Kenobi
Foible: City Boy
Home Planet/Species: Coruscant +2
*Jedi Guardian +4
Cool Headed +4
Well Connected +2
Signature Stunts: Arm Chop
Force Qualities
Alter +0
Control +2
Sense +2
Dark Side +0

Boba Fett
Foible: Ruthless
Home Planet/Species: Mandalorian Clone +2
Bounty Hunter +4
My Backpack Has Jets +2
Mandalorian Armor +4
Fearsome Reputation +2
Signature Stunts: Whipcord Wrap

Foible: Bullheaded
Home Planet/Species: Astromech Droid +4
Computer Hacking +4
Mechanic +2
Many Wondrous Attachments +4
Signature Stunts: Open Locks

Darth Gladius
Foible: Consumed by the Dark Side
Home Planet/Species: Korriban +2
*Sith Apprentice +4
Dual Short Sabers +2
Cybernetic Arms +2
Saboteur +2
Signature Stunts: Double Strike
Force Qualities
Alter +0
Control +2
Sense +0
Dark Side +2

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